Super Snapper Contest

Contest Rules

There will be a Division I (Varsity), Division II (Freshman/JV) and DIII (Youth League/Texas Select) with a Super Snapper award plaque presented to each division winner. In the case of ties, multiple plaques will be awarded to the winners. May the best and most consistent snappers win!

Here are the rules:

  1. Snappers must attend at least 2 of the 6 Texas Long Snapping sessions from August 1 to November 10 to be eligible to win.
  2. The final scores will be for the regular 10 game season. Play offs are not included in the final total.
  3. Information must be sent to my EMAIL ONLY,  NO LATER THAN THURSDAY following the actual game date. No texts or phone messages will be accepted. Game stat report to contain the following information: opponent, score, total number of punt snaps, total number of FG/PAT snaps.


  • PUNT SNAP (3 PTS) Perfect ball placement on the right hip, tight spiral and excellent ball speed. An NFL quality snap.
  • PUNT SNAP (2 PTS) Right side, top of thigh pad to top of the numbers. Center of chest to waist is also acceptable.
  • PUNT SNAP (0 PTS) Any snap to the left side of kicker (even if at perfect spot), snap at knee or below, snap over head or snap hits the ground.
  • PUNT COVERAGE (4 PTS) Cause or recover a muffed punt by punt returner.
  • PUNT COVERAGE (3 PTS) Solo tackle, no help.
  • PUNT COVERAGE (2 PTS) You cause a fair catch.
  • PUNT COVERAGE (1 PTS) You were in on team tackle or forced the punt returner out of bounds.
  • FG/PAT (2 PTS) Perfect snap to holders knee.
  • FG/PAT (1 PTS) Acceptable snap 6″-8″ above, outside or below knee.
  • FG/PAT (0 PTS) Any snap into the body, snap at holders head or above, snap too far outside, or snap hits the ground.

Super Snapper Award Winners


  • DI: Blake Robinson - Brenham (283 Points - New Record)
  • DII: Owen Robinson - Brenham


  • DI: Blake Robinson - Brenham
  • DII: Peyton Mund - New Braunfels


  • DI: Clint Baros - SA Reagan
  • DII: Blake Robinson - Brenham
  • DIII: Gavn Christensen - Flour Bluff MS


  • DI: Parker Haby - Uvalde
  • DII: Carson Reinarz - Canyon Lake


  • DI: Ryan Alvarado - SA Clark
  • DII: Clint Baros - SA Reagan
  • DIII: Zach Hawthorn - Tex Hill MS


  • DI: Brock Barnett - Kerrville Tivy - *274 Points. New Point Record
  • DII: Ryan Alvarado - SA Clark


  • DI: Brock Barnett - Kerrville Tivy
  • DII: Nate Verastegui - O'Connor
  • DIII: Clint Baros - Lopez MS


  • DI: Karsten Battles - SA Johnson
  • DII: Nathan Verastegui - O'Connor
  • DIII: Chris Espinosa - Bradley MS


  • DI: Richard McNitzky - SA MacArthur
  • DII: Karsten Battles - SA Johnson
  • DIII: Brandin Gonzalez - Briscoe MS


  • DI: Nick Wildberger - Converse Judson
  • DII: Karsten Battles - SA Johnson


  • DI (Tie):
    • Andrew Amitrano - SA Reagan
    • Brandon Locha  - SA Brennan
    • Richard McNitzky - SA MacArthur
  • DII: Rhett Ashby - SA Reagan


  • DI: Brandon Locha - SA Brennan
  • DII: Richard McNitzky - SA MacArthur

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