Brendan Knoespel

#45 Brendan Knoespel

United States Military Academy


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High School

Antonian College Prep


Brendan Knoespel was selected to attend USMA on his academic and athletic abilities to long snap. As most military academies do, a large number of athletes are brought in to select the best and the rest are assigned to other sports teams in the academy system. In Brendan’s Freshman Spring training this happened. With an overabundance of excellent long snappers, Brendan was cut. But only from being a long snapper. Due to his tremendous work ethic, attention to detail and his knowledge of snapping and special teams, the USMA coaching staff asked Brendan to remain with the West Point football team as a Special Teams Assistant. This opportunity will allow him to remain involved with the team, especially the snappers and have a leadership position in other areas specific to the special teams. For the impact that he will have on future generations of athletes and our United States military personnel, Brendan Knoespel has been included in the Texas Long Snapping Hall of Honor.


USMA Special Teams Assistant Antonian College Preparatory