Barnett a ‘positive asset’ to Tivy football

Five years ago, one particular problem plagued the Hal Peterson Seventh Grade football team. Few of the seventh graders seemed capable of snapping the football 15 yards to the punter.

“Does anyone want to try to be our long snapper?” Hal Peterson coach Gary Miears finally had to ask his players.

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In Texas, Football is a Snap! ROUTE Talks with Coach and Longsnapping Specialist – Doug Conrey

Coach Conrey looking off in the distance

By Patrick Burke

Published: December 3, 2018

Doug Conrey is the founder of Texas Long Snapping, a year-round training program that specializes in developing long snappers. The Route team met Doug at a coaching clinic and a bond was instantly created. Doug then graciously took the time to share his thoughts on recruiting and long snapping with us in this interview.

[ROUTE] What inspired you to get into long snapping coaching? Was it a position you played? Or did you get into it after your playing days? 

[Doug] I long snapped all throughout my career; I consider snapping to be a part of me, it’s in my blood. One thing I noticed during my playing and coaching days was that there was very little instruction given to snappers. A lot of coaches are good at teaching special teams schemes but very few understand the mechanics of the snap. Unless a coach is an ex-snapper, he likely will not give much attention to the snap. This is a big reason why I decided to start teaching kids how to long snap. 

[ROUTE] Do you recommend that college prospects specialize in long snapping, or should they play other positions as well?

[Doug] Most of the guys I train are specialists. Often in high school and college the long snapper is a position player who knows how to snap, but I recommend that kids who want to be long snappers in college devote most of their time developing their craft as snappers.

…it is more important to be a dependable snapper, and a good student than it is to be a physical specimen.“

[Route] What stands out to you between the players you train who go on to play in college and the ones who do not? Intangibles? Size?

[Doug] There is certainly an “eye test” component in the recruiting process, schools will always want the bigger, stronger, faster kid. But with the long snapper position it is more abo